Small jobs

(Sam B) #1

Hi everyone,

I wanted to open up a post regarding the MakerSpace. I wanted to support local makers by offering some per-piece work to anyone willing to take it on :slight_smile:

Very simple work for a small business launching, and would like to involve the MakerSpace via a profit-share scheme. that I unfortunately cannot do this myself. Hopefully it’s ok to post this here.


(RobertL) #2

I’m potentially interested and call me thick but I’m not exactly sure what you mean?

(Beth Slater) #3

Hi Sam, what kind of work do you need doing? We have people here who cover a very wide range of skills. Please let us know so we can direct this request to the relevant members. E.g., woodwork, electronics, textiles, design etc

(Sam B) #4

Hi guys,

Thanks for getting back to me!

I’m just looking for wine bottles cut. It can just be done with a wet saw (Big tile size etc.) with a diamond blade.

Here’s the kind of price tiering I would be looking at:

£0.50 - 1 x bottle cut
£0.75 - 1 x bottle cut & sanded
£1.00 - 1 x bottle sourced & cut
£1.25 - 1 x bottle sourced, cut & sanded

I am looking to do a trial run of around 25 pieces to start off with as a trial, but will hopefully be needing a lot more if that works out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(RobertL) #5

I’m interested but never cut glass before.
Micro brewers next door for bottles?