Small Heatpress (Swing Arm) [Draft]

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UK Press HP230B Swing Arm Heatpress

30cm by 30cm Swing press
A4 format
For Sublimation and heat transfer vinyl
Max 220 degree
In built timer
Note: NO IDELE MODE (Wont auto switch off!)

HS Wall Sticker

Condition Notes

2 years old

Induction and Training


Main owner @Destom 1 year Loan
@dorine @textilestechs

Risk Assessment

In Planning (Identify risk)
—burn hazard, fire hazard, mechanical injury hazard
Identify risks
Lack of operational knowledge and precautions,Leaving unattended, leaving switched on,burns from hot plate, fire hazard - temperature can exceed combustion temperature of common materials,pinching or getting caught in the mechanism, heavy and awkward to move and can mechanically operate inadvertently causing injury, sharp metal.
State control measures:
Induction, training workshops
(Note: The following is effectively the contents of the induction process, if it exists)
Instruction for safe use,
Before Use

Before Use

Stay with it while it heats up and make sure you have allocated yourself enough time to be with the tool from heating to cooldown.

During Use

—Avoid contact with hot plate, do not leave unattended, do not leave switched on, use at the correct temperature and time required for the particular use, avoid the possibility of burns or mechanical injury to non users.
—Always use it with the Teflon sheets and paper so if the ink comes through it wont affect other peoples projects

After Use

Make sure it has cooled down


PAT testing once a year