Slither of rosewood or similar?

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Hi all.

I have volunteered to fix a friend’s wood framed sofa and need a slither of wood to match. I am also keen to get some advice on the best aproach for the fix.

I think the timber is rosewood. The slither is to make up for a piece which has broken off. My idea currently is to level the rough edge and then fit a wedge shaped section using glue and screws. Below is an image. The broken section is the upright/end element.

Any advice as to where to source the wood and also best approach for shaping to size etc would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

Rosewood is fairly unattainable citees treaty and all that, my advice is to use a tough wood that that is very different in colour and be proud of the repair.

Hornbeam Ash or beech spring to mind


If it’s a fairly modern sofa it is not made of rosewood rosewood hasn’t been available in large quantities since the 1970s

Thanks Joe. That’s very helpful and informative.

I am totally with you on going on the opposite direction and celebrating the repair by making it apparent. Just wasn’t sure my friend would see it that way. Guess I will just need to convince him if he shows resistance :grinning:

Where would be the best place to try for the two woods you are suggesting?

SL hardwoods in Croydon or if it’s only a small bits there should be something around the workshop

Thanks Joe.

Yes was thinking to have a look in the workshop in the first instance. If no luck I will try the Croydon place.

Much obliged for your help.

Remember to ask before you take

Just looking at the picture that joined just looks like it needs taking to bits cleaning and re gluing no wood required

Well it’s self assembly system actually. Viewed from the other side you can see that a piece has sheared off -

I’ve calculated the missing section to be 20mm tapering down 0.8mm.

I found a piece of wood in the waste bin at the end yesterday that might work. What is the procedure for checking that it’s not anybody’s work?

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It’s in the bin its yours


@smjmaker, @joeatkin2

Thanks for both your help. I got this done last Saturday and repaired the sofa successfully. Fortunately I managed to cut things reasonably accurately despite my saw being sub optimal. My friend is delighted to have a functioning sofa again.


Nice one! :slight_smile:

Well done!

excellent fix and holy cow that’s a friggin sofa! They certainly don’t make them like that anymore :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The sofa is designed around a single mattress. He bought it in the states years ago and shipped it over. I liked the idea so much when I saw it first I made my own art deco version which resides in another friend’s house in Balham. Very useful as a spare bed of course and doesn’t need to take up too much room necessarily depending on how it is designed.

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