Share Your Social Media!

Hi all,

In an effort to share the amazing projects you are all working on and the good things we are doing at SLMS we are trying to improve our social media presence. If you would like to post your Instagram/Twitter accounts in this thread we will follow you. If you’d like us to share a project feel free to tag us in it.

Also please feel free to post photos with a short description of your projects in this thread and we can share those too!

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Lovely project from @CriticalTolerance:

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Cheers Dermot!


Hi Edward, are you happy for me to share this on SLMS social media platforms? Do have an Instagram or Twitter you would like me to tag you in?

Hi Ben, I’ve removed one of the photos, feel free to share the rest.

Brilliant thank you!

From last week’s DIY Solar open evening…Part 2 is this Wednesday…


Thanks Dermot, great picture! I shall put a post out this afternoon when I’m at a computer.