Sewing area

(PaulY) #1

Does any one know what these boxes are?

Are they collateral from the snug clear out?

Do they need sorting threw?

(Tom Lynch) #2

When I put the table back against the wall they were in the way of it, they’re full of peoples textiles projects, but they appear to have been stacked here since I moved them, as I only put them on the big table.

(Twm Davies) #3

yeah some of it looks like the snug items found in the far right corner. Think it needs a textile person to review.

(EdwardBilson) #4

@boldaslove I’m omw down and was involved in the snug clearout, I’ll cast an eye over and see if I can shed any light.

(Tom Lynch) #5

It isn’t from the clear out, it was already there but it’s been moved from the floor to the table.

(Dermot Jones) #6


(Sabrina Tabuchi) #7

I think they were in the snug, but I don’t know who they belong to? No one has claimed it yet? Not sure what to do?

(Gilbert Townshend) #8

I had a look through some of them, most of it seems to be tools or supplies rather than projects. There were thinks like silk dyes, some knitting needles and the like. I don’t mind volunteering to go through a box with someone else.

(Sabrina Tabuchi) #9