Sewing a buttonhole


Do we know if any of our sewing machines have the appropriate settings/attachments to sew buttonholes?

If so, anyone got any experience of doing them please?


Hi Dale,

The Janome will definitely do it…

The paper manual is in the sewing table drawers somewhere… there is probably a video online also. I have done it before with a different machine and not too complicated if you follow the instructions…


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Cheers @asander1.

I saw online you need a special foot for the machine. Hopefully we have one of those!

Thanks again.

Yup, there is a set of different feet for it, most likely in the drawers of the table as well!

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Hi it should be in the Janome drawer it’s a plastic attachment, otherwise there are loads of foot attachments in the drawers of the wooden table where the Bernina. You need to attach the foot and choose the right setting (sorry i don’t know the number on top of my head)

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Awesome. Thank you. Going to pop down next week to give it a go. I may be in touch depending on how successful I am!

I might be in the space on Monday or Tuesday

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Hi Sabrina,

I’ve not managed to get to the space to have a play with the sewing machine. Time is a luxury I don’t seem to have at the moment!

Do you, or anyone else, have experience of sewing buttonholes and if so, would I be able to commission you/them to sew us maybe 10 holes?

I’m making some elasticated cuff holders for my shirts and need the buttonholes sewing.

Would this be something anyone would be interested in doing for us? I’ll pay, obviously!


Dale, if it has a setting to do it, it’s usually pretty obvious how to do it - put the buttonhole foot on, put the button in the sizing thingy, select the buttonhole setting, hold down the pedal till it stops quivering.

Even without it’s just a case of doing some zigzag stitching at the appropriate widths and careful(!) positioning.

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You mean it sews the buttonhole automatically with you not having to guide the fabric?

Just found an instruction manual for a similar model that shows how to sew buttonholes. Will give it a try. Thanks all for your help.

I’m sorry I just saw your post, maybe @cocciadferro might know?

I could help indeed but suspect you have it figured out by now. Let me know if still needed.

Thanks for getting back to us. I did indeed manage to see the buttonholes. Found the special foot in the compartment on the sewing machine. Was rather smooth from there.



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