Seeking help to learn electronics

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i’ve tried to join up b4, sought an electronics class, but had no luck. Finally i got a good welcome last week from Andrea and i hope to join this time.


I have a book on 10 easy projects to do w/ Arduino… was thinking of doing a weekly thing where we can come and do it up… what does everyone think?


Yes lots of interest I think! From me anyways :slight_smile: I have done some stuff but still have a project lingering!


I’m interested too. I was planning to learn Arduino since a while.


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This sound interesting to me as well :smiley:

definitely interested!

Cool. Let’s do it!

How should we prep the materials? It might be a bit of a PITA if people don’t have the right stuff.

Hrm… what might be easiest is if everyone buys the starter set… cause then everyone will for sure have everything they need. It’s a bit costly, but not terrible either.

I think this is the new version of the one I bought a decade ago: (£95)

Looks like we can buy it cheap if we buy in bulk, looks like we have more than 5 ppl interested, so this makes sense: (£50)

And the cheapest (haven’t tried it tho):

What does everyone think?

Also, and this is perhaps better asked at @electrotechs:

  • Would you like to lead this? Happy to hand it over, or happy to lead this. I am not an expert by any means, but I know enough to guide beginners. Also happy to blend whatever whatever, like I lead but u guys show up if u want when u want, or yeah, whatever suits
  • Should this be on electronics night? I feel that another night would be better so we can use the projector, ask more basic questions and not clutter up the table w/ noobies, but there’s reasons to combine them too. Happy to follow your lead.
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If there is enough interest, yes :slight_smile:

Yeah, Thurdays get crazy sometimes…

I whish we had a white board sometimes, but I guess we can improvvise, I whoudn’t buy a kit for the first lesson.

@Amit_Kohli , if you want to organise the people and then I just show up would be great, I haven’t got much time for putting down dates and stuff…

@emuboy cool! Yeah, don’t mind coordinating.

We have about 5 in this chat I think… is that enough you think?

Regarding buying the 30-50 quid kit or not… if they don’t buy the kit, what do u think should be the first step? I’m happy to bring my book (if I can find it… it should be somewhere), and we can just do the first project. Do we have like “borrower” arduinos :slight_smile: and “resistors” drawer, and pots and capacitors and shit that ppl can just use? Or do they need to buy everything themselves?

Or do u think the first session should just be a demo with everyone gathering around one kit?

I’m tagging @esta as we had a conversation Sunday about it.


I think we should “feel the room” after the first lesson?

I bought the Elegoo starter kit (Arduino clone) and I’ve been working through the tutorials. I don’t have anything to compare it to but it seems pretty good. Also cheaper than Arduino starter kit.

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Thanks for tagging. Yep I’m definitely interested so add me to the count :slight_smile:

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I think we can scrounge enough Arduinos up? - I have a couple I can bring… and I recall 1 or 2 in the space? then just make the first few projects using basic components we have in the space - ie. resistors, leds etc. simple stuff -

The follow up session(s) maybe we buy a set of a specific component if needed? ie. sensors and the like… sound good?

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I have an Uno, and possibly some Nanos, and I have loads of sensors and other components.
I’m keen to participate.

A question regarding the learning journey…

I started with Arduino, then realised that I actually needed to understand basic circuits first.
After focusing on that for a while, realised that I needed to understand micro-controllers.
After that, came to a very tentative conclusion that “electronics” means quite different things to different people, and that different projects actually need quite different knowledge.

The reason I mention this is that Andrew didn’t specify in the post what direction he wanted to go in, and I wondered if Arduino is the best starting point in general, or specifically for his needs.


Yup. I’m beginning to realise this too. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’d agree about Arduino and electronics not necessarily being the same thing.

But if you do want to do Arduino I can donate a couple to the cause. I have loads knocking about.

I can’t commit to a regular thing, but would happily come along and share knowledge to one or two on Arduino and basic electronics

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You can now use the Pico Pi from the raspberry foundation with the arduino IDE, it’s like a fiver and they are readly avaible.

Also, this Thursday is Electronics night!

Good point about electronics and arduino not being the same thing… sorry for commandeering your thread if that’s the case @Electronics, please let us know and I’ll take this mess elsewhere.

Alright… it seems we do have interest in creating a “safe space for learning circuitry, embedded systems, basic arduino shiz, etc”.

Maybe it can be Wednesday nights? That way if there are any questions we can take them to the pros on Thu night?

Let’s put together a list of interested parties (edit this post and remove yourself or add other people if interested):

People w/ Arduinos to lend

Has knowledge to share:

Shall we do the trial next Wednesday October 5th? If scheduling is complicated, I’ll start a new thread, but I wanted to keep it small while we work out the details. How does all of that sound?

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I can’t the 5th

I can’t the 5th… I can be back in the Space not earlier than the 16th…