Searching for CNC timber fabricator for paid job

Files are ready. Fabrication of spiral stair steps from sheet timber. Any leads appreciated.

Would have loved to pay SLMS if our big CNC was up and running

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You might be lucky! I think it’s scheduled to be set up in the next few weeks.

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The big CNC stored in the snug? Where will it go? Arch 2 is not ready and no space in arch 1.

Well, I don’t know when you have seen Arch2 the last time big we’re actually oiling the floor at the moment :wink:

Is this being set up in arch2?

I’d love there to be some inductions somewhen.

On another note, I do want to make a decent hand tool woodworking bench for the space but not entirely sure what state arch 2 is in as havent been following closely since the lockdown

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Nice! Could pics of arch 2 be shared …very interested to see the latest…to be honest I didn’t see many posts about the floors going down …but great news if that’s happened