Screenprinting services

Disclaimer: this is not to undermine the silkscreen techs, your time and efforts is obviously appreciated in the area.

But if like me you have had ongoing issues trying to get your screen to expose or you have artwork but unsure how to get it onto a screen to start the print experimentation stage . You might be interested in checking out Printall

They have worked with top brands and services and really do have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on most things print and happy to give intensive over the phone advice.

The real reason I mention them is that they have a exposure/stencil service where you can take your screen, and art work and the will expose your screen so you can get on with the fun part of printing rather than trying to figure out why your 10 attempt at exposing didn’t work out.

To give a guide on price they will expose a A3 size screen with artwork on transparent film for £38.60 including VAT. If you require them to print out the art work it will be additional £23.

Hopefully that is helpful for someone.


Thanks for this, I’m going to check them out – sounds very easy :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting. I’ll def check them out.


I spent all day cleaning and organising the Printspace area. The printing table is clear and the bench too, the table in the middle is also tied and ready to shared use. I will appreciate if everyone keep the space tied and be considerable to others who wants to use and specially the printmakers @silkscreentechs as the area is always cluttered making it impossible to do any sort of print. Many thanks x


Was my cardboard moved?

Looking brilliant!

Great job Cibele. It’s much more usuable now

Nothing got moved just organised, you can see them on the table.