Running low on mugs - donations welcome

Seems like we are running out of mugs on the Space. If anyone has some spare they would like to donate that would be great!

Please comment below if you are donating any and say how many so we don’t suddenly end up with a hundreds of mugs. :grinning:


I am amazed to hear we need mugs. The Milton Keynes Makerspace was absolute desperate to get rid of mugs at EMF. Anyway, I would be happy to donate this “Internet Love Triangle” mug. I’ll try to bring the mug tomorrow.


mug donation

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I can probably get hundreds of mugs from work, they’ve changed their logo over haha



maybe 15 would do :grinning:

I propose a kitchen remake with high level cupboards n stuff?

Not sure who could do that sort of complex stuff but if we ask around maybe?

Anything is possible, no?

Where would we keep them?

Maybe just me? But I think we want mugs from eclectic sources, they are not the stuff of necessity but mugs which purvey a certain creative message would be welcome no? :slight_smile:

I like creative! But my favorite type of mug is one that keeps the boiling water away from my fingers. :grin:

Yea at least they should all be unique! That way you don’t get your drinks mixed up, and they are not that hard to come by so I don’t think we need 10x of the same…


When we get the pottery area going I would think a mug would be an ideal induction project