Rug Making

Tools and accessories to create rugs!


Condition Notes

  • Tufting gun is new (26/03/2023)
  • The rest of the kit has yet to be purchased

Induction and Training

If applicable, a short description of induction requirements

To be decided


List of @usernames who are responsible for maintenance

Risk Assessment

Identify risks
State control measures

(Note: The following is effectively the contents of the induction process, if it exists)

Before Use

During Use

After Use



I found a calculator tool for figuring out costs for projects

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I have designed and printed a mounting bracket to hold up your tufting frame on the shelf. Just set the lower crossbar to the correct height to support the bottom of your frame, and the width of the brackets along the top bar to the width of your frame.

Should be possible to tuft more, but some yarn management projects are up next.