Rubbish accumulating around the big table in arch 1

As predicted the big white table has become the collective dumping ground, everywhere there are random things no one knows how to deal with and it’s spreading around, yesterday I found a mirror standing in front of the electronic drawers, there are nails and screws, the old iMac that lay in limbo and stuff that was supposed to be collected by members but never happened.

The 3 week bins are completely full as well, the entire area it’s a disaster.

@directors can we please do a clean up ?

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I have to take a tv to the tip this weekend, and can take a few items.

@emuboy if this space is not officially electronics I presume you can do like the woodshop, chuck a sign up with electronics storage rules and straight bin anything that doesn’t follow

I can do a run on Sunday to the recycling centre to take any unwanted items away - is there a location for junk to be taken?

No, the big table it’s no one land, which is why it’s complicated.

Also I’m trying to be reasonable

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Yea its a temporary staging area… 3d printers will be able to move sept 1 and I will clear it up as soon as I am back from holiday sept 3!

Will likely need help taking some stuff to be ecycled etc, but have to sort it first!



@emuboy Now that we have 3d printing moved in, all set for electronics night tomorrow! Junk free!

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I love that, thanks!

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We can move the CNC that is temporarily there as well, feel free to move over in front of the electrical panel area for now, that way you have all the space again, let me know if you need more/different organisers etc…


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