Royal College of Art's new focus on science?

(Dermot Jones) #1

This seems like an incredible paradigm shift from the RCA

Many artists/makers/humans are interested in both art and science – Makerspace members are clear testament to that – still, it’s amazing to see the RCA leap in with both feet!

(Tom Hedges) #2

I’m doing some work on an IT system at the RCA at the moment, and it is an amazing place - their Battersea campus is home to all 3 of their research centres (I think), which have a design/tech focus. They do materials research for some high end brands. They have a start-up incubator called innovationRCA for designers/makers/innovators that has supported some astonishing stuff.
If you ever get the chance to visit their James Dyson centre, do - it’s built around a central atrium and has a lot of glass walls, so that those in the offices and clean spaces can see into the workshops and messy production areas.
Hang on, that design aesthetic sounds familiar…

(Andrea Campanella) #3

Is that what’s about at London bridge station ?

(Tom Hedges) #4

They are expanding the the Battersea campus, just to the west of Battersea Park. That’s also where the Jame Dyson building is. It reminded me of the Makerspace - in the sense of glass walls to allow visibility from clean to dirty spaces. They are on a slightly bigger scale :slight_smile: