Rough estimate on when I could join?

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I joined this forums in 2016, wanting to join the makerspace. But at the time I had access to a garden shed where I could do my projects, so never really got round to joining.

Fast forward 5 years, I’m in a flat without a balcony and the walls between properties are super thin (so I’m reluctant to use any of my power tools in case it disturbs the neighbours). I really miss making stuff. I have some storage boxes that I really need to make for the flat. Progress is slow.

I put my application forward to join, the waitlist is supposed to be short but there’s no mention of ETA to join.

Any admins here know roughly when I could get approved and inducted?


Hi Abdul, the space was closed during the first lockdown and reopened on a very restricted booking system. These measures are slowly being relaxed,
I have tagged @directors so they can let you know

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I also applied to join in early October time, was expecting around 1~month wait from the email communications, but that seems not to be the case!
Would just appreciate a very rough idea of when I might be able to join & when I need to start looking for material for a few projects!
Cheers, Jonathon
Edit ; just received a survey link to my email from the directors, so thank you very much for that.

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I’ve replied directly to Jonathan and Abdul

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