Rip cuts on the bandsaw. Ripping blade required?

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A question for @woodtechs or other experienced people:

I have some big 50mm boards of ash that I need to rip down in ~10mm strips. The table saw barely copes; the belt slips or the motor stalls, or it cuts so slowly the wood burns. Meanwhile I lose 3mm of material for every cut. I think the bandsaw is the better tool for the job, but I don’t want to drag the wood down if we don’t have an appropriate blade. I think I’d ideally want as wide a blade as possible, and coarser than 4tpi? But honestly I just don’t know.

So, will the current blade on the bandsaw handle this job?
If not, do we have a ripping blade?
If so, can anyone help me fit it?
If not, can we get one?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think for 50mm boards the table saw would be best at ripping.

I suspect the blade is blunt.

I’ve put 50mm wenge through a portable DeWalt table saw with no issues. The wadkin should be more than capable of ash which is a much easier to work with wood

Definitely table saw. We have a brand new 24t Freud Rip blade which should make quick work of it.

Hmm, ok I will give it another go. I have enough stock to account for the wastage at 3mm so it’s not a big deal in that respect. Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

The kerf is 2.8 so you’ll be saving some wood :slight_smile:


For the record, the Freud rip blade worked wonders :slight_smile: