Retro computing club, anyone interested?

(Andrea Campanella) #1

It’s anyone interested in retro computing ?
I was thinking to start a group for discussion, restoring and possibly swap/sell…

(Pete Hellyer) #2

I’d be potentially interested. I also want to fix up my A64 which is hiding somewhere at home…

(Andrea Campanella) #3

A64? roadworsk?

if is a C64 I would be happy to help, I spent the last 3 months fixing them…

(Pete Hellyer) #4

by a64, what i really mean is a600 :man_facepalming:

(Tris Oaten) #5

I’m interested!

(Andrea Campanella) #6

Ah nice! I have an A500 (in a very bad state)

(Ed Yeboah) #7

I have an A500+ and A1200 with a Viper 1230 Mk-IV card and about 1,000 coverdisks in the loft (and other programs like Lightwave, Octamed, DPIV and Photogenics etc but not many games surprisingly). I just hope the caps and batteries haven’t destroyed themselves and the components near them. I’ve toyed with the idea of restoring and selling the A500+. The A500+ in particular looks a bit like Bart Simpson (with a touch of Donald Trump) now, I might bleach it now that the sun is back again. If I remember correctly the internal disk drive (DF0, such memories lol) was making bowel sounds the last time I used it (probably while playing Speedball2) :laughing:

Maybe if £999.99 for the A1200 doesn’t sound crazy to someone I might be tempted to sell that, I’ve actually wrapped it in cling film and the accelerator has an MMU/FPU (and a battery-backed clock of course) so you can even use virtual memory, wooah. Back in the day it was seriously the mutts nut-sack, good times.

(Andrea Campanella) #8

That’s a beast.

But yes, £1000 it’s too much, but I’m sure you can sell it one ebay for that price.

ret0bright it’s a possibility but miserably failed with my A500 (but succesfull somewhere else)

(Duck) #9

I may be on the blacklist for dismantling old computers…
@emuboy- I should mention that SID chip you tested for me is now in a synthesizer with seven of it’s siblings!

(Andrea Campanella) #10

That’s impressive, it’s your profile?

(Graham Clemo) #11

I’ll be in! I seem to have developed a habit of collecting old computers from ebay. So far I have a ZX Spectrum 48k+, Acorn Electron, Amiga 500 and Elektronika BK0010… I don’t do a lot with them though!

(Ed Yeboah) #12

That’s the one, I couldn’t remember the name at all

@the_duckchild Wonderful, how many sound channels of SIDs? 24 right? lol, I need a listen!

(Ed Yeboah) #13

PDP-11 based! Hmmmm!

(Duck) #14

Yes, someone else designed the pcbs, but glad I. Managed to get it working!

(Duck) #15

Yes, it’s 24 channels of SID - the chips are in stereo pairs, so you can play four note chords with six SID channels playing each note…
It sounds pretty huge!

(Andrea Campanella) #16

does have midi in?

(Duck) #17

yes, full MIDI control, a modulation matrix, loads of control… it’s a real beast.

it sounds a bit like this (though it does drums, and pretend 303 as well…)

and it looks like this:

based on this project

(Andrea Campanella) #18

That…didn’t came cheap…

I was wondering if we could meet a different day than Thursday, to avoid the busyness of the electronics night?

(Duck) #19

the SIDs were the really expensive bit of course!

was hoping to be at electronics night tomorrow, but someone else got to the laser cutter before me, so will be friday instead…