Restore a vintage industrial light pendant

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I bought this old industrial light from eBay and it needs a bit of TLC. I’ve bought a few bits from LampSpares to get the light fixture working but my first real challenge is to make a ‘bracket’ so I can support it from a chain or wire from the ceiling.

Last month I made a visit to a metal worker in Sydenham who helped make a bracket with a 26mm hole in the middle but having brought it home and connected it up, I need to make an adjustment which requires the use of a ~35mm step drill (need to double check this with a caliper) bit and using a pillar drill I need to open that hole up to ~35mm so it can fit over the hex nut and not just the 1 inch thread.

I can’t seem to access this page yet:

Is anyone about this week or weekend to help me or if there is an induction coming up that would be even better.


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