Requests for woodshop inductions

(David Cushing) #1

Hi everyone
I would very much like to be inducted into the woodshop as soon as possible, as I’ve now got half a project sitting on the floor of the bedroom waiting to be progressed!
I’ve done quite a bit of woodworking before so I’m not a first-timer. Of course, I’ve not used your tools previously, and I want to understand the procedures and protocols too!
Is there any way I can offer help in getting things moving? I can help prepare things like documentation or training plans. I am also happy to offer to help with running inductions in the future, if that would help and if you would be comfortable with that.
I’d really love to get moving on things - my motivation is high right now! :smile:

Woodshop inductions Level 2 including router and table saw
(Jonty Bottomley) #2

I can run one later this week, what day works for you?

(David Cushing) #3

Hi Jonty
Wednesday evening would be good, although I realise that’s usually the open evening, and as such may not be so good. How long do you normally allot for an induction session, too?
Thursday won’t be so easy, but then we’re into the easter weekend, and I have no plans at all as yet - so it entirely depends on what’s convenient for you!
Thanks :slight_smile:

(David Bibby) #4

@Jonty_Bottomley I would also love to get an induction to the woodshop - I can’t do Wednesday unfortunately but would like to come along if you run it another day.
Like @David_C I’m not a complete beginner.

(David Santoro) #5

I’m interested but I’m a complete beginner. I’m not planning to do anything super complicated. Objective: learning to build a wooden spoon, salad bowl, ashtray or similar item. I probably don’t need access to all the super dangerous tools apart from the Lathe.

(Dermot Jones) #6

Make sure you’re on the waiting list

(David Cushing) #7

Hi @Jonty_Bottomley
Is there any chance we can look at doing an induction session over the weekend at some point? :grin:

(Johan Lindskog) #8

@woodtechs, is anyone around this Saturday in the workshop? I’ve not been inducted yet, but want to hand plane and glue two pieces of bookmatched maple together. Would be grateful for some help!