Request for Interview

(Rebecca Slocum) #1

Hi @directors

I’m a masters student at LSE writing a dissertation about community organizations and community space. I was wondering if one of you would agree to be interviewed as part of this project? Questions would be related to your organizational model, your space and finding accommodation in the city. I would be happy to come by the space one evening this week (Wednesday?) if you’ll be around, or later in the month as well!


(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Rebecca,

We get a lot of requests for interviews and surveys…

Send us a message with a bit more detail – how long you expect the interview to take, and what particularly draws you to us



(Rebecca Slocum) #3


That’s understandable.
I anticipate the interview taking less than 1 hour and potentially even less than a 1/2 hour. I think it depends on how much the interviewee has to say. I have about a dozen questions, some brief, some open-ended. This should be fairly informal, recording or video isn’t required. Questions will relate to your organizational model and space.

As I mentioned, my dissertation work is about community organizations and community space, I’m particularly interested in your organization because it uses a co-op model.

I didn’t mention in my previous message but, I’m an urban planning student. My dissertation focuses on organizations that contribute to London’s social capital by delievering a unique class of community spaces. I’m interested in organizations such as your own that leverage principals of the sharing economy(collaboration), form new communities and have new spatial needs in the city. Specifically in this research, I’m interested in how these organizations find accommodation in the city and to what extent the procurement of these spaces are accounted for by formal planning processes.

I hope that provides a bit more clarity!