Request for dead powertool batteries

Please let me know if anyone has any dead/faulty 12v, 14v, 18/20v or 36v power tool batteries (ni-cad, ni-mh or lithium).

Old style slide-on Ryobi (ni-mh?) 18v
Aldi Workzone
The SLMS Hitachi 18v

Ryobi One+ 18v,
Worx/Erbauer 18/20v,
Bosch 14/18/36v
AEG 14v
Makita/Site ni-mh 14/18v
Lidl Parkside X Team 20v
Tacwise ni-mh 18v

I am after some dead 18v makita as I want to make some mains converters for my range of tools - so if you have surplus or are done with them :slight_smile:

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I’d like to do that too. What amps/watts do they need?

I’ve got the old style nimh if that’s what you’re looking for?

Are there 18v transformers available with enough amps or would we have to make one?

I have 50 amp 50 volt DC capable bench power supply in my workshop so think I have enough grunt

I would like to use it on my MAKITA DHP481Z which I run on lithium ion batteries

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So it needs to be a specialist variable supply?

18v tool batteries tend to charge to at least 20v which is why some advertise 20v powertools.

If you set your power supply to 18-20v I assume that it will tell you how many amps it’s drawing?

Is there a similar power supply in the space which would reveal the current requirements?

i have these N CAD they are readig

about 3volts if anyone can boost them about 17 available