Repair Club every Tuesday evening from 6:30 to (around) 9pm, at Queens Crescent Fixing Factory, NW5


This is in North London, but sharing it here just in case it’s of interest…

At Queens Crescent Fixing Factory (AKA Camden Fixing Factory) we’ve started a regular Repair Club evening (a better name will likely emerge, but the RC initials fit well with electronics?) - the aim of this is to bring together people interested in repair of our powered consumer goods - from audio and analogue electronics to kitchen appliances, to toys, software to microelectronics and microcontroller units, with everything in-between – if you want to share and develop fixing skills in a welcoming social environment and work on some harder fixes this might be for you

We aim to build up a body of experience and expertise so we can become an effective hub for repair in Camden

Sitting in a workshop and asking the room when you have a repair challenge can often be the fastest search engine - and shortcut hours of internet rabbit-holing!

What will we fix? You can bring your own projects, work on challenges left over from other Restart Parties, and our Thursday morning public fixing sessions, explore some of our ‘rescued tech’ - from the local dump, street finds and donations (some of which we’ll use as a ‘break it and learn’ fodder - most fixers have a trail of things their curiosity killed in their history - we recognise that as the vital learning tool it is)…and if you want a break from breaking and fixing things we will also build a collection of upcycling materials to see if we can boost some of that second hand tech back to market value

The Fixing Factory project is not just about repair, maintenance and restoration - community is central to what we do, and alongside that examining the possibilities of developing a viable social enterprise to scale up the e-repair economy - or to provide evidence of what would be necessary for repair to once again be the instinctive (and realistic) reaction to an item malfunctioning - we want to replace replacement with repair in the public psyche

But I’m getting ahead here… right now we’re at the very first stages - a rudimentary electronics workshop with most of the shelving still unpacked…we have some budget to buy equipment, but it’s modest so we’re taking a ‘see if we need it approach, and are open to suggestions and donations…so I guess I’m saying that this is an opportunity to be involved at the very beginning of what I think is a very exciting journey

Let me know if you can make it, or want to know more

Address: 179 Queens Crescent, NW5 4DS