Removing the MIG Welder

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Just following up on recent changes to the Wiki, I take that as a not-so subtle hint to remove the MIG Welder.

I’m quite relaxed about that, I would just note though that probably means it’s going back on eBay, as I don’t have anywhere for it to go and @joeatkin2 lives up a flight of stairs.

This seems a bit of a shame. It’s a pretty gold-plated machine that we got for a steal. Unfortunately It’s pretty unlikely we’ll get such a good deal on such a nice MIG welder again any time soon.

Ho Hum.

Actually I was just editing the old tools out of the category and updating this one so people know it’s not an available tool.

The only realistic alternative option would be to store it in the snug forever until we have some scheme for expansion?

Meh, either way, I’m not up for fighting about it. If the brain trust says it has to go, the brain trust is likely always right. I’m just saying it’s short sighted is all.

It also is another black mark on my list of ‘stuff I would have quite liked to do in the space what I can’t conceivably do at home’ rapidly running out of those things at this point, I’m afraid.

There’s nothing wrong with welding per se, but it’s a honking big machine, and we don’t have the space/support equipment to really do welding justice. Hang on to it by all means though! If/when we expand, we can dedicate space to metalworking and it can shine.

I suppose my point is neither @joeatkin2 nor I can hang onto it. It’ll make a pretty rubbish coffee table in my sitting room, and rather like a darlek can’t climb stairs. I suspect It’s ornamental value in Joes living-room would be pretty low too (although, I can’t speak for him. He used to have a concrete mixer by his telly)…

I am not sure that the brain trust has said anything about this, a few people have said they want to do welding and metal work.

I’ve said this over and over: If we had the space it would be great to do every activity people wanted, but there isn’t the space right now, we need to focus on getting the membership numbers up to allow us to expand and create a metal working area, and make space for the wood workshop to grow.

The directors made the decision at the time to ask for the welder to be removed based on the fact that you and Joe completely ignored the donations and loans rules and just brought it to the space and left it as an obstruction in the space.

However part of that ruling was that there even with application for donation or loans there is no where appropriate in the space for welding to take place on a regular basis. Even with screens the flashes into the rest of the space would be distracting at best.

If you really think it would be a valuable machine in the future of the space, then why not ask the @directors for permission to store it, and ensure it’s put away safely in the snug until we have a place suitable for it’s use?

I’m not sure that either Joe or I see it that way, to be completely honest. We had a long drawn out discussion during which we were encouraged by at least one of the directors to look into fetching a MIG from Hackspace. That was a dead end, so excitedly we bought one instead. I accept that was erroneous, and I’m willing to take it away again. I’m just not sure the picture you’re painting is all that fair.

Sorry, that’s how I remember it. We didn’t ‘just buy one’ it was pretty in the open…

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We should be able to get messy in its agreed floor plan by end of this weekend or sooner.

At that point we could see if there is a nock or cranny to house it until xyz deadline.

Closed topic as welding is now welcome at the space.