Remainders of stored projects must go due to construction deadline 30th September

Hello @members ,

construction of Arch 2 has started and all personal projects and materials from the snug that were not picked up during the last call-outs have the last chance to be picked up by the end of the month.

All things have been moved from the Snug from Arch 1129 to Arch 1130 which no longer can accommodate people storing their things in there.

Please come and pick it up by 30th September, after that date things will get binned.

Ideal time to come is 20th and 27th September Sundays 12pm-6pm during planned construction work on Arch2, or message in reply to this message or to @directors to plan an access to the Arch.


Hi, could I come down one evening this week to check if I’ve got any bits of wood lying around, and also pick up a bag of clean sawdust from the lathe if there are any? Thanks!



I think @Julia_F and @LuptonM and @Javier_Ash have used the wood lathe recently I think, so they might know the situation with sawdust

I can DM you instructions for getting into Arch 2, and you can do this at any time

For arch 1 you could either ring the bell when there’s a hosted session on an nip in (with a mask on, and distanced) and grab the sawdust, or we’ll work out a time to collect at least 30 miniutres before of after another session


The bin was full on Saturday. Needs bagging up!

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Hi was there today and sawdust bin under lathe was near full.

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