Remainders of projects became FREE TO GRAB from Sunday 4th

Hi it’s leaning on the left wall as you come in @Jonty_Bottomley might know too…or else lying flat under or between the other boards

@members , bumping this for the last time and reminding there are things free to grab from tomorrow.

The snug clear out is now going into phase 3 and from tomorrow everything that’s left in Arch2 will be free for anyone to pick up.

If anyone would like some free wood or other things please come tomorrow
Sunday 4th from 11.30am to
and you will be able to have a look through the things that are left.

All of the things picked up will need to be taken home and can not be stored in the Space or Arch2.

If you are not able to come tomorrow there should be time during the week as well. The free pick will only be available for about a week or so.

Anything left will either be donated or thrown out.


Hi it’s unclear if someone has taken my waney edged oak board - I’m sure it was a mistake given the piles of stuff in there but I’d quite like it returned please. No hard feelings. Can come collect it too.

The pile of waney edge wood labeled NOT FOR FREE and think has your name on it, its on the left side of the Arch2.


The skip is arriving tomorrow and on Sunday the work team will go through the remaining projects and sort out what needs to go into the skip and what gets donated.

If you have anything left in there you want to take please come on Sunday and pick it up.

There is wood and other things for anyone to take.

I noticed last Sunday there were two large bits of oak.

I was wondering if we could keep them to make bench legs (if they are still around)?

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Where did you see them pin the pile? Do you know the approximate measurements? I can have a look tomorrow.

They were towards the entrance on the right, from memory.

Roughly 40cmx30cmx150cm

Would get a few legs out of each one.

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Yes. I saw them too. Will have a look tomorrow

I think they’re @afshind 's! He’s selfisolating his pick up has been postponed…


If it’s oak and has waney edge, yep. Will pick up when quarantine ends