Refurbishing the new space?

Last I was at the space it was mentioned we wanted to refurbish the empty space next to us. I’d like to plan when I’d be able to do that. When do we plan for this to start?


Hi, we’re meeting on Sunday from 12pm onwards if you want to join in.

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I was away on Sunday. What was the decision in the end?

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There are conversation going on, please refer to the latest member’s meeting write up.


Hi @zeenotheinventor!

I like the enthusiasm!

We have a whole category for the refurbishment and general posts about Arch 2 here:

There is a session again this Sunday coming if you want to get stuck in, and a bunch more ideas floating around with some follow up to come at some point :slight_smile:

What time this Sunday?

also that link doesn’t seem to work.

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We’re starting at 12pm. Not sure why the page is not showing.

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I’ll pencil it in

Are you a member?

Not yet, I’m looking to join though.

Sorry, memebers meetings and core decision are reserved to the members, that’s why you can’t see the page.

In that case, am I still okay to come for the members meeting? I’d still like to help out with building

you can join the meetings as guest but I don’t know if we have rules about non member and the building?


Hi Andrea, Zee has been involved in re-opening of the space.

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Thanks @zeenotheinventor !

Well I guess the problem it’s only related to Discourse!

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