Red box, period

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We’ve always had some amount of period supplies in the bathroom brought by members, I’ve been bringing stuff since I’ve joined, but we can move on to have them here permanently stocked up similiarly to other consumables.

Starting the transparent red box with stuff from Costcutter, but in the future will get more sustainable options.
Atm we have three grades of tampons, one with cardboard applicator. I am keen to have a look at pads should they be needed.

Generally the most environmental way, as far as I’d know, are period cups and period reusable pads, those however we cannot supply, but you can make them!

Also the purple bags, we’ve had boxes of those for years, are finally stuck on the wall for easy access.


(Why are the toilet rolls numbered…?)

Suppose I thought that the number might indicate how many are left for next purchase. maybe overthought it?