Recycling timber doors

Hi all, I have 5no. 44mm thick old timber doors that I could turn into a project but am struggling for ideas… anyone want to thrown any into the mix?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Hope you are all well and continuing with making in these crazy times…

You could probably sell them on eBay, people do look out for such things (having bought several myself in the past). Alternatively maybe you could build a shed or a wardrobe.

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I’ve got the top sections of five 1920s doors (basically the same as yours but upside-down) as panels round my bath! Not suggesting you dismantle your bathroom for the same purpose… :grin:

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I am sure your son has grown out of the Batman bed ! What about mk2??

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Hmmm, food for thought here… project 1 will be a new kids step stool for the bathroom sink that I built to high. @Matthew you got me looking in the bathroom and realised this potential project. Project 2 may be an outside Bin Store. First to figure out how to knock these doors apart…
more soon…

You could make a couple of these,

And when you decide what you want to make, you will have something to make it on


Great idea!

Plus one for that. The Anarchist Design Book says “once you make these you will wonder how you worked without them” which is trite but I have to agree with.