Recycling chopsticks

An interesting short film on YouTube about a recycling/upcycling project in Vancouver:

How Used Chopsticks Are Turned Into Tables, Tiles, And Other

I found the sheer scale of ‘chopstick single use’ - quoted in the film for both Vancouver and China -astounding (chiefly because I’d never thought about it before).

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Yeah, quite ridiculous how much disposable stuff gets sent with delivery food especially when people are at home and so will already have cutlery

I made a light-shade out of some leftover chopsticks once during lockdown boredom :wink:

Not quite to the standard of the products in the video but was a bit of fun :slight_smile:


That is a great film. I never realised that many chopsticks were used everyday. And the finished products looked so good. Makes you wonder what else can be recycled.

Cheers, quite interesting!