Recommendations for a 3D printer


I am looking at what my options are for a 3D printer and would like to know what everyone’s thoughts / opinions were for them.

I don’t have a massive budget so that will probably limit my options.



If you can afford the Prusa i3 mk3s go for it

The go to excellent budget printer seems to be Creality Ender 3 right now


If you don’t a big printing bed the Prusa mini seems like a good option but sadly you will be waiting a while, all prusa products are 2/3 months behind shedule…

The ender 3 it’s a good base but you will spend a lot of time and money modding it making it a good printer, ender 3 pro it’s a better printer.
Artillery does interesting printers as well but I have no real life informationa about them, same for anycubic.

Honestly, if you find a printer that finishes a benchy test and doesn’t set itself on fire and it’s supported by a decent slicer, you can honestly get around the rest of the problems by yourself.

3DPrinting nerd have some video reviews btw

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