Reclaimed flooring panel

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Hi Makers, I have quite an ambitious project for my Christmas holidays. I came across a refurbishment project in centre London and I managed to retrieve 4 flooring panels of great quality that I would like to turn into front sliding panels for a cupboard or a library. 6mm oak timber mounted on plywood (engineered flooring). However they were glued on screed boards and some of them came out with the panels when demolitions started. Now, I would like to make the panels looking good on both sides. While there is a lot of cleaning on the front side on the back it is a different story. I feel the best is to remove manually the residual screed board (mallet and chisel) once that process is done I need to remove the glue. Would you reckon sanding it would be enough? Is there any faster way? Also considering the weight I would like to remove a good thickness of plywood at the back. Again do you think sanding is the best way? Panel size are 1150mm square. So quite some work predicted.
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chiseling and dasnding works (as a good workout too), if you want to get it done fast you should use an angle grinder with a diamond flange disc (I have a similar to this one and used it to grind flat and sclupt stone) and/or a vibrocutter to remove most of the wall and cement attached to them. than you have to sand them flat to have a good looking surface.

Hi Gergo!!!

That is brilliant! Thanks for your help!. I think vibrocutter would work really well to remove big chunks of screed board. Do you know if we do have vibrocutter in arch 2 I can use for the job?

I have no idea :rofl: @woodtechs will know it!

you could probably use the big cnc to clean it. maybe one of the tech can help :smiley: @BigCNCers

in theory is possible, but i’m not sure about the danger of the glue dust when removed ( even with the extraction in place) and if it damages the bit, it may stick on rendering it useless.

Thanks Cristian!

Hi Federico, thanks for your feedbacks. I think the chunks of screed board need to be removed by a multi tool (vibro cutter) as suggested previously. For even up the surface and reducing the thickness of the plywood that can be done by cnc? If there is risk for the bit I can of course purchase a couple for the job. What is shank size? I guess cnc can accommodate router bits?

if the remaining surface is just plywood, there isn’t any issue.
will you be in the space this evening? i can show you the collets we have and the bits available.

i won’t be around the space until January after today, so if we go ahead with this, it needs to be done mid of Jan. is it too late?

We have many collets for the big cnc, standard 1/4 and 1/2 included.

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Hi Federico, no rush. I first need to get rid of the screed board! Mid January sounds a reasonable target for doing that. I’m afraid tonight I’m a single parent and need to look after my toddler. We will catch up at your return!


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Thanks Petra! I too have few 1/4 trend bits I bought form my router. We’ll review in January though. Got a lot of screed board to remove!

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I would think a sled for a standard router would be better than setting up the cnc

Or apparently we might already have one

We 100% have a router sled already, I’ve seen someone using it - think it’s a home made one but should do the job

i think Steve made one for the space ( i don’t remember his nickname on discourse)
@woodtechs ?

@Sean @RichM thanks for the suggestion. If the sled is big enough I wouldn’t really mind to give it a try! As I can a better control on the result. I’m not quite sure how much material I would like to take away and i think CNC would be of course automated but quite time consuming (in particular if planning some tests first) The panels are 1150mm wide which is about the width of standard plywood panels. Do you remember if the sled in the space is that big? Cheers!

by memory is as big as the tracksaw table ( to be checked with the techs)

I’m actually going in right now anyway - I’ll get it out and see what the measurements are

@Federico I’ll check the CNC door size while I’m at it

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great!!! thanks!

@sean legend!!!