Quick Hello from new prospect!

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(Roi Driscoll) #1

Hi all! My name is Roi — I am not officially a member yet, but hoping I get to change that soon. I’m primarily interested in learning electronics to build guitar effects pedals, and would love to build a speaker cabinet etc. I also have a little experience in screen printing, and am happy to help out with the space where I can. Anyways, just wanted to say hi!

(Paul Court) #2

Hi Roi,

Electronics night is normally a Thursday evening, be good to see you at one of those sessions for sure.
There are some kits for Pedals so may be a good place to start your electronics journey.

Also, the wood shop guys have built a few very nice speakers so i’m sure they will be able to advise and help.

Watch out for a membership email fairly soon, the guys are getting though the list in batches so you should see something soon.


(Martin John Finch) #3

Hi Roi,

There are several of us active in guitar-related stuff, and we have an occasional luthier group - stay tuned. There has also been some interest in building effects pedals. Someone posted recently (forget who) about printing on guitar pedals. My next project at the space will be to build a flight case for my own pedal board. After that, my next big project will be a rotating Leslie-type speaker for guitar, with real spinning speaker. Welcome.

(Roi Driscoll) #4

Hi @Courty — thanks for the heads up! I have now been able to set up the Direct Debit so I guess that means I am a member (from pay day anyways)! I look forward to meeting you on-site, and thank you for the tips.


(Roi Driscoll) #5

Hi @fincheee,

Thanks for that warm welcome! Great to hear there are some like-minded guitar tinkerers around, can’t wait to meet you all.