Quantum Garden on show!

(Robin Baumgarten) #1


I’ve been showing Quantum Garden (the big spring + led project I made at the space earlier this year) in a few different exciting places now. First off was MARS conference, a fancy space & robotics conference in Palm Springs, where I met a real-life astronaut (Story Musgrave):

Then I went to Brazil to install it in the Itau Cultural, a cultural center in Sao Paulo:

And it’s currently on show (with a slightly altered software) at Now Play This, a festival of experimental game design in the Somerset House. It’s on show there until the end of the coming weekend!

And hopefully I’ll have it at the London Craft Week thing that we’re doing, if that’s still going ahead! :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #2

Brilliant! Yes LCW is on

(Francisco Nicolas Contreras Moreno) #3

Congratulations @Robin_B! It’s a beautiful project!

(Andy Sanderson) #4

Nice! Great work, no wonder I haven’t see you around the space recently! :slight_smile: