Purchase request: Zoom Pro for meetings

@directors can we purchase a Zoom Pro plan for the Makerspace for the duration of the lockdown?

  • meeting time won’t be limited to 40 minutes
  • meetings can be recorded of someone can’t attend

Yes, we’re getting it (may already have it, @TomHedges?)

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My reccomendation is to use https://meet.jit.si/

Does everything zoom does better, and is free and open source.


Or there’s Google Hangouts

Totally agree that Jitsi is far better:

  1. It is Open Source and free - aligns with our ethics more
  2. There are numerous privacy concerns with Zoom, widely discussed in the media. Here’s one: conferences are decrypted at the server - located who knows where (it is Zoom’s choice).
  3. No software download necessary on laptop/desktop (due to webRTC compliance)
  4. Even the Pro version throttles bandwidth - again Zoom’s control
  5. No passwords to remember for participants, unless you want to implement them.
  6. Free jitsi-meet app available for Android and iOS stores

In fact, here’s an offer: the Makerspace can use my own Jitsi server for meetings. I host it at https://rooms.fincheee.com. Shall we schedule a test meeting?

Alternatively, if we want to have our own Jitsi server I am happy to help with installation; @systems say the word.




That sounds like a good idea. Can you set up a test meeting?

The games group want to do a meeting tonight - see their post. Nobody has replied to me yet. If it doesn’t happen, maybe we can to a Makerspace test tomorrow night.

Makerspace already pays for G Suite unless thats changed.

But I’d recommend Jitsi, its open source, web based, secure and free.

I haven’t actioned, as i don’t have an SLMS card

Thank you for the offer! There’s a couple of votes for this solution - so let’s give it a try if you’re ok to set it up?

Yes - see my post in gaming night thread.

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Sorry my earlier comment about a test meeting was supposed to be a reply to you.