Prusa I3 on a budget

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(laurent_muchacho) #166

Well I finish at 2:30 last night but the good news is the 3d printed replacement work great so based on tonight evaluation of the extruder we’ll know more. I’ll be putting up the second prototype soon (the one with all the upgrade options)

(Elliot Duffy) #167

I’ll be there, hopefully for most of the members meeting and certainly for a malenky of 3dprintering afterwards too.

(Mike Kelly) #168

I’ve got too much work on :frowning:

(Esther Gladstone) #169

Thanks so much for your hard work and late night @laurent_muchacho. Unfortunately I’m not as hardcore as you and can’t do a late one tonight. Will be there in fighting form next week though.

(Calum Nicoll) #170

Sorry I’m Not going to make it down tonight either, overrunning meetings, yes completely agree thanks @laurent_muchacho and the rest of the gang.

See you all next week!

(laurent_muchacho) #171

Well this is too beautiful not too share and can’t hide that I’m bit proud of such result :slight_smile:

So now let’s move on to more calibration.

(Dermot Jones) #172

(Pete Hellyer) #173

hooray! there should also be some precision ground rods appearing at some point too!

(Esther Gladstone) #174

Wow, that looks great!

(laurent_muchacho) #175

Still a bit of stringing and blob but not bad overall

Step calibration to get accurate

(Pete Hellyer) #176

anything happening tonight, @laurent_muchacho ?

(laurent_muchacho) #177

Hopefully yes, sorry still under the weather, if @Dermot bring the threaded rod I recommend we start cutting them to length that will be a lot of hacksaw

2 x M10 435mm
3 x M8 205mm
1 x M8 310mm

(Dermot Jones) #178

@Calum_Nicoll how’s the metal saw looking?

(Pete Hellyer) #179

Alternatively the metal fcker 9000 is still in the snug I think.

(Dermot Jones) #180

That is a rough beast…

@laurent_muchacho we need to be able to thread nuts onto the threaded rod after cutting I assume? Or can they be put on before cutting and left on?

(laurent_muchacho) #181

That’s right Dermot, so after the cut we’ll need file the cut to allow putting nuts on the rods

(Pete Hellyer) #182

could use the beast and then the grinder to do that?

that or put the nuts on first, beast and grind, then un-screw?

(Dermot Jones) #183

Putting the nuts on and reversing them off to fix the thread is a relatively effective approach. We can have a play with the beast – it’ll chew them apart in seconds…We can race it with a hacksaw…

(Daniel Sikar) #184

I won’t be able to make it tonight - hope to make it next week.

(Dermot Jones) #185

What time are folks heading down? I can be there 7:30 ish