Proposed Members Meeting

Hi all,

We haven’t had a members meeting since before COVID. I’m proposing we have one on zoom. @directors can you agree to this please and can we arrange one ?

Many Thanks



Yes, from me, we’ll look at the calendar and put something in

Great idea Rebecca :slight_smile:

I think they were usually on Tuesdays? So I guess we could look at Tuesday 25th of August 7pm?

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Hi there,

Unfortunately it’s not, can we make it after 26th August please?


Hi, what did you mean with „unfortunately it’s not“?

Let’s get a date down as soon as we can so we can get the ball rolling again on stuff.

Both days work for me.


Hi there, sorry I haven application deadline on 26th, and will be doing an All nighter to finish it!

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tagging the people here that have been active for the last few meetings before lockdown.

@Clix, @Frazer, @soulnafein, @EveNixon, @afshind, @gustojvalle, @laurent_muchacho, @recursion, @elementa, @rosietdesigns, @Manolis, @carmencita, @Stuart, @Jonathan, @Ty_design, @Elizabeth99, @Calum_Nicoll, @fincheee, @RobertL, @Oli, @durexyl,


A meeting would be great, would be great to hear about updates and current plans etc.

Yes meeting would be great am keen to take part!!

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Agenda items?

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  1. Clear process for replacing general equipment - buying consumables e.g. printer cartridges - that is quick and robust
  2. Clear process to appoint techs
  3. Feedback on Arch 2 questionaire
  4. Practical Plans for Arch 2 with timelines
  5. Working Group for Arch 2 to enable schedule to go ahead with Covid restrictions

I kind of think that’s plenty to be going on with - do you have some items to add Fraser🙂


Once we put up the meeting there’ll be the opportunity to propose agenda items, as usual

Ok, let me know what the process is: I.e who decides on the agenda items

When the meeting is announced we ask for members to propose agenda items: if they have more than one then they should be listed in order of importance for them. That way we aim to get as broad a spread as possible from as many members as possible

A date alludes us still, suggest Tuesday 1st Sep.


Tuesday 1st Sept is good for me.

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ok, we have a date, how do we “announce it” and get the agenda done?