Proposal: Wood Shredder Rental

First off big shout out to the team helping remove the future garden mulch from and above snug 2.

I’ve watched some of the shredding going on with the little Bosch… Great effort but the thing is a toy and further shredding with this given the amount we need to get through is not great use of members’ time and energy…

A proper wood shredder is rent-able from £121 a day from HSS, or £202 for the week.
I have used one of these before and the through put is multitudes greater than that of the little Bosch…

We could be here for months with the little Bosch. This could likely do the entirety in a good long day with a small team. A week / weekend; easy.

Outside is a mess, we should really sort this out asap. The estate is a main to navigate at the best of times, having a couple of parking bays full of garden debris only adds to this…

Happy to help organize this if needs be… I think they can normally deliver. We’d want to make a big mulch bin against the wall to keep the chippings in one nice neat place. There should be plenty of wood to knock up a quick something. We’ll just need to buy some good long screws…!


Yes, I’ve been pondering this issue… it’s a huge pile now (and there’s two full tonne bags in Arch2 as well)

I’m not a fan of the HSS shredders – in my experience they’re awful: incredibly loud, not safe for inexperienced users, and every time I’ve hired one it’s let me down! Plus you have to be on site for delivery/collection is incredibly vague time windows…YMMV…but as you can probably sense I’m mildly traunatised by my experience…the Bosch however has been a dream

But I agree – it’s a couple of days work doing that lot with the Bosch, so we need some other solution


  • someone who has space to compost it
  • taking to local recycling centre
  • edit: find a tree surgeon who would chick it through their shredder…would do the lot in an hour!

EDIT: apologies if I originally came across as negative @Jonty_Bottomley…I have very bitter experience with HSS as a company, and their unreliable shredders in particular (staff there even told me they were a nightmare)

Worth reaching out to Brockwell Gardens Community group? they do a lot of composting …or the parks office at Brockwell Park?

Freecycle’ers might take a couple of bags each

I have another Bosch, not as powerful as dermots, but could double team it

Good idea!

Let me ask my tree surgeon friend. They might be able to get rid of it for a small fee

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Hey Jonty. It’s a great idea. And love your energy to get stuff done.

I don’t want to step on your toes here but my mates a tree surgeon. I had a chat with him and he’s offering to do the job. Their shredder would go threw that pile like a [insert funny ha ha here]

He can give us a quote if we send a photo of the pile of stuff.

Probably be cheaper than the rental and less work for us. Plus supporting local business.

What do you think? Worth a shot?

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Can’t hurt to ask for a quote. Send him a pic, curious to know the figure.

One question is, is there more green waste that hasn’t bern cut down yet that will need shredding?

Let’s see what he says for what we have to date.

Can some one take a picture and send it to me? I won’t be down until Saturday.

There’s two more tonne bags in Arch2

By all means! I’m not mad fussed about doing the work, just want to see it done and the space cleared.

Sounds like a great plan!

Managed to pop down on way home tonight…is this what we want removing??

Yes, that plus two tonne bags need shredding

If it’s shredded and left in a pile we can bag it

Would be great if this can be done – far better to pay to shred it than just dump the stuff

Any chance you can get a price today? This will help us plan works this weekend


…sent request…

…so this material isn’t suitable for a tree shredder. “It will just tangle the roller and cause problems”. Etc etc

But they do know someone who will “just get rid of it for £120” - he’s got a massive truck and will get rid of what ever needs to go.

My personal opinion: just pay someone to get rid of the whole lot. Everything outside! Done! But that’s just me.
Otherwise it’s weekends and weekends of rubbish sorting and Clarence to look forward to - with the disturbances to the neighbours blah blah

Thanks for trying!

So…we’ll have a skip coming…if members want to put the work in to save/reuse whatever green waste they can we can just get rid of the rest