Product Photography

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #1


I was wondering if anyone had experience/ would be willing to give me some help/ advice with product photography.

I need to start an instagram and a website to promote my ceramics. But I need to take good photos.

I have a nice DSLR and basic photography knowledge, but no idea where to start with product photography.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you

(Dermot Jones) #2

@fincheee and others have talked about running workshops in this

(Tony Merchant) #3

I have done product photography for last 15 years, feel free to message me but you will get a slow response until Monday. One important thing to do is to study the pictures that your best and worst competitors display it should help you decide how you want to present your product.

(David Belton) #4

I’ve done a bit of product photography, a few years ago though. Happy to impart any knowledge on lighting, camera settings etc that I can.