Poll: Amplifier - keep or dispose?

As part of the snug cleanup process, people who were involved identified items that we may not want to keep. We agreed in a member meeting to poll the membership on each item.

  • If you are the owner/guardian etc of the item, please say so in a reply to stop the poll.
  • Please vote and then, if you wish, make a case in a reply post for your stay/go vote.
  • If you would be interested in taking over the item, post that in a reply.
  • Polls will stay open for 7 days.
  • Items with no votes at all will be disposed of.

Description: Samson studio amplifier. Condition unknown, but very dusty.

  • Keep
  • Dispose

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Yes, if this is unclaimed- lets use it in Arch 2 for music… I will take this project on


Joe has some boxes I think :grinning:

Yes please!!

I inspected this one when the owner brought it in, has a very nice sound and it’s an easy and robust construction inside

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That’s exactly why I’ve been holding onto for the last year or so. It was acquired by Howard and as far as I know is untested but should be fixable

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Cool! Got speakers for it?

No have had my eye out for them but no luck so far.

You know me I keep lots of projects in the background waiting for the bits to turn up for free it’s a recycling eco thing.

But I’m happy you voluntarily taking this project off me :slight_smile:

I’m thinking to put it down the metal end as I’ve already got some music sorted for the new wood shop

Cool cool, yeah I will find some speakers and take this on - definitely need some tunes while making! :guitar:

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Ok- changing my vote… :slight_smile:

Just tested the amp… only the left channel works, and the sound is pretty poor… could it be fixed? Sure… is it worth it? Not for me…


Probably worth 10 minutes poking around inside it to find a fault

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Take a look if you like- I wasn’t impressed with the sound of the channel that was working…

Its in the old woodshop…

This must be a different one then, the one I tested was very good, I’m happy to give it a look tomorrow

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Don’t throw it out worst case scenario is that we use it’s transformer as the brake on the new sander assuming it’s powerful enough

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Yeah cool thanks guys- have a look and see what you think!

If you want to have a look at it we could turn it into a tutorial into repairing electronic equipment I would be a good opportunity skill sharing I would be more than happy to do that one night

Thats a good idea, some fault finding / electronics repair! Lets discuss dates/times!

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Joe, that’s a good idea, would you feel like to do it one thursday night? people would enjoy it


Yeah good idea- does next Thurs 29th work?