Plasticine-like stuff that solidifies

Somebody showed me this material (thank you but I can’t remember who sorry). Starts off soft but then goes solid after you shape it. Does anybody recognise it and where I can get it, and would it come in other colours? Thank you! :+1:t5::star:

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Sugru is a moldable rubber that sets hard.
Milliput is a 2 part epoxy putty…
Don’t know about that…
Cowling and Wilcox had both last I was there, else ebay etc. Both come in a range of colours.

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Or it could be Polymorph.

Softhens in water above 62C and is mouldable by hand.

When it cools claims to be as strong as nylon (until you heat it up again above 62C).

Used to get it at Maplins, but now you can get it on Amazon.


Thankyou all … I’ll do some investigating…

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Hi Elizabeth,

It might have been me.

It’s the Polymorph that Frank mentioned like This one

You could also have a look at Polymer Clay. It’s like play dough but can be baked to harden.