Plasma cutting

(Vicky Frazer) #1

Hello, My name is Vicky. I work from a studio in streatham hill and live in Brixton. I have been playing with plasma cutting for sculptural work and recently got my own machine. I’m looking for some space with lots of ventilation, or outdoors, where I can be extra dusty. Is there anywhere in the courtyard at makerspace where I could potentially use this machine or does anyone have any leads for a space in the sw London area?
Many thanks!

(Paul Court) #2

Hi Vicky,

While I’m sure there’s lots of interest within our membership for plasma, any machines we have here would have to be for the benifit of the membership, we don’t normally allow space to be borrowed or rented.
That said, several of our members may be able to suggest options ?



(Dean Forbes) #3

Unfortunately the spaces I am aware of are confined and with out ventilation

Your art is cool

(Vicky Frazer) #4

Thanks guys! If anyone needs to use a plasma machine in the meantime you know where to find one :slight_smile: