Planer thicknesser and jointer?

I have three rough-sawn boards that I need to make smooth & flat & square. Do we have working machines to do that at the moment, and would somebody be able to show me / help me use them? I’ve used the planer thicknesses before but not used a jointer. Thank you!

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I saw a jointer in there yesterday. not sure why in the kit list this says don’t use Planer/Thicknesser - Wadkin Bursgreen

Yea- people have been using it for years… @woodtechs need to update that tool page…

Ah brilliant thanks! I’ll book a session.

If I book for Sunday evening would you be able to show me where stuff is and show me how to use the jointer? I have done the basic woodshop induction and used various tools before but haven’t been down for around 2 years so not sure of the set-up now.

Would need a woodtech, not sure how close the induction is is to being ready?

@Ryanf @smjmaker ?

Ah thanks. I could do any time next weekend too.

Heya. Induction is written and has had a trial run, just needing sign off on the RA for it to be fully documented. @lewisss/@joeatkin2 you guys have some time to read the RA? I know Joe has, so if he’s happy, it just needs sign off.

Technically the tool is out of use until the RA is signed off and that’s why the tool page hasn’t been updated as of yet. Much like the tablesaw at the beginning of this year.

I won’t be around this weekend or next weekend unfortunately. I might, very slight might, be around tomorrow. How much do you need planed and thicknesses? Also, how much notice do you need to get to the space? Just in case I do manage to go down. And last question, what timber is it?


Hi Ryan thanks for replying. Its 3 boards of walnut and I live in Herne hill so could get there with not much notice at all if you do end up going down. I really appreciate your help if it works out timewise. I could get there any time from probably around 4 tomorrow.