Plane restorations

Realised I’d started work on these (and used them for other projects) without posting, so here’s a couple of photos.

The plough plane came to me without any irons: fortunately I have a small number of irons from a box of stuff I bought off eBay some time ago and hung on to. Needed a new maple wedge to account for the different taper of the iron. The plane itself is Mosely and Sons, who were based in New Row, Holborn (which is now the Waterstones in Covent Garden). I think it’s mid-19th century, and works beautifully despite being well used.

The moving fillister is earlier I think, marked Stewart (which seems to be a family from Edinburgh, maybe pre-1820). It’s more finicky and has been harder used. I had to correct the angle on the iron (it’s still not quite right but works acceptably for now) and also needs part of the boxing re-gluing. When it works, it works beautifully - I’m sure some of this is me just getting used to the tool.

Top work! I really like the wooden tongue and groove planes I bought. Looking forward to picking up a couple more at some point

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Very nice, I like the look of the fillister plane. Surprisingly I have found several on EBay. Really good condition and not expensive either.

They are as finicky as everyone said, and terrific when they work nicely.

Totally, my wooden shooting plane is a go to tool for me, I have used it on every single project since I made it. However it has personality, it will work beautifully on a piece of horrible tear out prone timber. Minutes later it will need careful adjustment on a friendly piece of pine. I am still learning and improving my technique when I use it. Personally I love it but I can see why people might give up on the quirky nature of wooden planes. You really have to stick with it and experiment.