Plane blade re-grinding

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Hello, I need to regrind one of my plane blades which has a massive secondary bevel now making sharpening a faff and a couple of little nicks which leave tracks.

I don’t have a grinder and am still on the waiting list for the space (I hope). Has anybody used a sharpening service in London that they can recommend?

@Giles_Mould might be interested?

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Seconding Giles, he is great at sharpening even the dullest blades!

Use the tormek in the space. Pretty easy and safe to regrind the primary bevel.

I am booked in the space on Sunday 11am-2pm so if you are there I can show you how to use the tormek

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Hey Marc, I am still on the waiting list rather than a member so totally understand if this isn’t possible. Having said that this would be absolutely ideal and I have never seen the space in person so would be very keen. Let me know :slight_smile:

I could grind a primary for you or I used Tyzack’s for the space plane blades and they did a superb job. I am not sure if they do hand tools. If you want me to do it it will cost £5 I will sharpen it fully and hollow grind the primary and use shaptons for the hand ground secondary and strop it too.

I don’t understand how are you on a waiting list for the space?
You should contact a director directly, because that can’t be right. So contact a director.

There is a waitlist as slms hasn’t been accepting any new members since last year due to covid.

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I think thats fine. It will only take 5 minutes anyway and you are on the waiting list (so a soon to be member)