Plan chest offered

(Clare Reynolds) #1

Hello Maker Space

Would you like this 6 drawer wooden plan chest which I no longer need? It is scruffy but in basic working order.
Measurements: 117cm wide, 86cm deep and 80cm high. It splits into 2.

Would need to be collected from me in Herne HIll.

I’m not sure if these photos have uploaded - I can send e-mail if necessary.



(Clare Reynolds) #2

Another picture

(Dermot Jones) #3

Thanks Clare

@Howard @StudioNelle we could do with storage for flat things? But where could this live?

(Chanelle) #4

Could it be accomodated under the glass table?

Also maybe behind workshop door. I think what is currently there could maybe relocated or moved.

(Fiona Art) #5

Is it still available please? I don’t yet have a makers space membership, is it ok to post here or to ask for this item? Many thanks Fiona

(Afshin Dehkordi) #6

It could become the base for the laser materials stack/shelving - they’ll need a bit of tweaking but you could use some of the drawers for laser plyswood/acrylic - keeps the dust of materials an you’d also fit in more material is a small space.

Remaining drawers could for silkscreeners.

Alternatively thats two drawers and could be split , one in clean room, one in messy.

In my old studio I put one on castors and a MDF top and became a roving island - (photo shoot table top? Sewing machine/s on top)

(EdwardBilson) #7

If nothing else, we have the snug clearout in two weeks and it can go in the space where all that wood is stacked.

(Howard Batchen) #8

Maybe it could be cut down to fit under the vacuum table or possibly under the glass table

(Howard Batchen) #9

It looks to be in 2 sets of 3 drawers which might make it easier to accommodate

(Howard Batchen) #10

It’s too big for under the vac table or the glass table
We could do with it if a space can be found though

(Afshin Dehkordi) #11

While clearing out the laser shop shelves noticed all that stuff could fit in drawers…one or two for each of plywood, acrylic, scraps, personal projects…and still have drawers left for silkscreening use.

Plan chest can sit on castors and have a worktop on top or couple more shelves.

What do you think?

Failing that we cleared some space in snug , if they need to be collected asap they could be stored in there, upended until we dismantle the laser shelving.

(Dermot Jones) #12

If still available then it looks like a yes – we have a bunch of flat stuff: vinyls, cutting mats, paper, carrier sheets, and nowhere to store it safely

(Howard Batchen) #13

yes I’m sure we will find a space for it and it will be very useful. If it is full of stuff that was somewhere else it won’t actually take up much space.

(Clare Reynolds) #14

Hello Dermot

Would you like to collect the plan chest sometime this week or weekend?

My mobile is 0***"""""****8.


(Jonty Bottomley) #15

Dead dead keen, how local and roughly how heavy?

(Dermot Jones) #16

Thanks for this Clare, and nice to meet you on Sunday!

It’s stored for the moment guys, but we’ll fit it in soon

(Clare Reynolds) #17

That’s great you would like it.
I am around quite a bit of the time so let me know when you would like to collect. It would be good if it was in the next week or so.