PLA Plus?

I am looking at buying some yellow filament to make an Xmas present. On the tools pages it says the printers only take PLA, but some websites sell a stronger PLA plus, I was wondering if this is okay to use?


PLA+ is one of the materials that has now been approved from a Risk Assessment perspective but in need of copying to the respective tool pages. It should not be subject to the direct drive requirement like TPU may be. Of course, it is up to the @3dtechs

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PLA+ is fine. Take care if you want to use it on the ultimaker, you’ll have to set the filament width. The Flashforge already uses 1.75mm filaments so you won’t have to change anything there.


Or just buy some 2.85 mm PLA+

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@3dtechs can we get the materials updated on the tool pages? I’m guessing TPU will only be allowed on the Bowdenless Dreamer but some folks have luck with that.


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Yep, I updated the pages based on the new risk assessment. I crossed out PETG for the Ultimaker because of the glass bed. I can see some people succeed in printing with PETG on glass without issues but since it’s doable on the Flashforge I don’t see a point in risking it.


I think it’s a nightmare getting PETG to adhere to a glass bed too, so not much point telling people it’s fine.

Semi related, I’m going to bring in a 0.15mm feeler gauge next time I come in to help with bed levelling. idk if people keep messing with it or it’s just unreliable, but people seem to keep having issues with adhesion on the ultimaker and each time I check the nozzle is too high or too low.