Phase 2 begins

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There it is - proof that we’re not just “going to” build phase 2 of Makerspace. We’re actually doing it.

These dividing walls will split up the rear of the space into two workshops:


The “Messy” room will be for anything too messy, smelly or noisy for the front “Clean” room. This includes the laser cutter, which has really loud fans. It also includes things like painting, sculpting, gluing, general assembly, screen printing etc.

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The “Dusty” room will be primarily a woodworking room, with all the poweful dust-making tools such a workshop requires. This room will have the best sound insulation (to save the sanity of people in the Clean room) and also filtered dust extraction (to save the lungs of people in the Dusty room).

This construction work has a hard deadline: 31st March. After that, we won’t be able to claim back any of the £18,150 available to us from the GLA’s High Street Fund. This means we need as much help as possible for the build. No special skills are needed; we’re well practiced at this now, and can tell you which end of a hammer to hold. It doesn’t matter if you’re a member either; come along to our Make The Space days on Sundays and lend a hand (arrive for 11am’s safety and job list briefing). Keep an eye on our Events forum for the next session.