PCB etching

(David Santoro) #1

I’ve never etched a PCB before and I’d love if one of the Electronic enthusiasts could help me making my first one.

Ping me if you are available. In the meanwhile what materials/tools do I need to bring that are not present in the space? Eg. Is there a printer that prints on clear sheets?

(Howard Batchen) #2

Everything you will need is here depending on how fine your tracks are. You might need some pre-coated photoboard. I have some resist film you could use if you don’t need too much. We have plenty of chemicals, plain copper FR4, tank, exposure box etc, The laser printer will print onto clear film which we have although you will have to print 2 masks to get it dense enough. I’m here quite a lot so you might be lucky enough to catch me for some advice and I know where everything is.

(David Santoro) #3

Thanks for the info Howard. I’ll be around tonight for Electronics Night. I’d love to hear more about the process.