Opening of the Space Today

Hi all

I’m looking to come down to the space between 4- 7pm today, is anyone planning on being there?



Hi Rebecca, :smiley: if you want to come down on Mondays im mostly there in the daytime .with kindest of regards Brian D=

Hi there, many thanks, that’s kind of you. do you mean this coming Monday or most Mondays?


Hi Rebecca

I am in the space now and will be until at least 5, probably 5.30.

(using the laser cutter)

Come down if that any good!

Hi there

Thanks for replying, I was trying to schedule it with meeting a friend and I’ve made other arrangements now, but thanks anyway


Hi Rebecca, :smiley: most Mondays, also on your discourse page there is a clock if you click on it it should tell you who is around or give the space a call, enjoy xmas Brian D=

Hi there Brian

Understood, thanks for your help, I’ll message you to see if you’re in the space this coming Monday

Have a good Xmas too


Hi Rebecca, :smiley: I shall be in tomorrow if you are thinking about popping in, with kindest of regards Brian D=

Hello there

Any idea approximately what time you might be there?

Kind Regards


Hi Rebecca, :smiley: from 9 till around 6pm with kindest of regards Brian D=

Hi there

Many thx, my fob wasn’t working last time, Dermot has hopefully fixed it, but if not I will probably rely on you to let me in.