Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Valentino Sfamurri) #1206

Got a host for tonight?

(Dermot Jones) #1207

Not as yet…are you offering?

(Valentino Sfamurri) #1208

I’m trying to see if i can make it, I’ve sent a friend wouldn’t want him to turn up and no one is doing the open evening.

Give me 10 mins and I’ll let you know

(Valentino Sfamurri) #1209

Yeh allright I’ll do it. be there in a bit.

(Dermot Jones) #1210

Thanks @Beth for doing last week

Who’s up for this week?

And next – which is the first day of London Craft Week…

(Dermot Jones) #1211

It’s Open Evening again…yet looks like no one has volunteered to host

We’re getting a fair bit of social media exposure due to London Craft week, so it might be busy… who knows?

Please listen out for the new doorbell and be nice to our visitors

(Dermot Jones) #1212

Yay! @mikekelly is hosting tonight!

Might be busy after London Craft Week exposure… might be not

There’s a guide to hosting, but it’s pretty much: check the place is presentable, put the kettle on, welcome people, show them around…answer a few questions…

P…S. Mike…if we were doing social media posts: do you have a maker/making/made photo, and what can we say about you?

(Mike Kelly) #1213

@Dermot that’s fine, I will check the guide and get there a bit early. I’m hoping some other shutter access people will be there to run me through closing up as I still haven’t done that yet.

I’ll send you something separately for social meeja stuff.

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #1214

Hi Mikekelly ,:smiley: Ill,e run you through how to close up, Brian

(Dermot Jones) #1215

How was it last week? Someone said it was bustling?

(Dermot Jones) #1216

No one’s down as host tonight, would be great for someone to volunteer

(Mike Kelly) #1217

Yep, quite a few people, 7 or 8 altogether.

(Alan Michael Sutcliffe) #1218

Me apparently… don’t go for the biscuits…

It’s a trap!!!

(Dermot Jones) #1219

So…open evening looms

We need a host

Step up to the plate and fill it!

You can do it as a relay – that worked quite well last week: someone to welcome, someone to do the tour…someone on tea duty…

(Dermot Jones) #1220

Open evening tonight – can someone step up as a host, or plan it in some other way?