Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Jonty Bottomley) #1146

Apparently on one of the sites it’s still advertised. I’ve shown people round, had 8 last week including a couple of members who just made the cut but had yet to properly visit and grab tags.

(Dermot Jones) #1147

Ahh…probably on google calendar…which shows up on website


Will fix now

(Dermot Jones) #1148

So @members we’re still having lovely curious visitors call by on Wednesday evenings

So for the moment we still need hosts

You do have the added task of breaking it to them that we’ve paused membership – however please encourage them to go to the website and join the ‘membership newsletter’ mailing list, so we can keep them informed of developments

The membership cap was never intended as a permanent thing, but we do need some weeks to get used to the current situation, and decide how to move forward

(Pete Hellyer) #1149

Also, make clear that they’re ALWAYS welcome to come and play (albeit, not with the machines per se) on open days / events.

(RobertL) #1150

I escorted 4 visitors around last night (2 per time) and I now appreciate how rewarding and exhausting it can be, even for a whistle stop tour.

Rewarding partly because I always learn something interesting and one guy last night was from a Netherlands makerspace.

Exhausting partly because they obviously want to chat with other members and I assume I need to stay with them whilst in the space, especially in the workshops?

I assume there’s guidance for such things which I’ve conveniently avoided?

(Dermot Jones) #1151

Thanks for doing this

Yes, there’s a guide…but sounds like you handled it well

Part of the host’s role is to get guests interacting with members, but also to check that members are still able to get on with their projects

Fine to leave visitors chatting in the clean room, best not to in other areas - we should probably add that to the guide

(RobertL) #1152

Thanks I’m glad I sort of guessed it right then.

The Netherlands visitor has visited several maker-type spaces and was especially impressed by the compactness of SLMS. He said they’ll use the inspiration to tidy their space up

Is there a ‘review’ site for maker-type spaces?

(rob fuse) #1153

There is this which has worldwide spaces

(RobertL) #1154

Wow 2000+ including inactive and planned.
1400 active!

Imagine the combined wealth of knowledge, skills, tools and buying power

(Tom Lynch) #1155

I’ve updated that page, sorry been a long time since I last edited it.

(Dermot Jones) #1156

Oh Hello old thread!

So…As many of you know: we’ve started signing up new members again

We’ve emailed the first 50 randomised names from our ‘membership mailing list’ and already had a bunch of new sign-ups


Tonight we’re holding an open evening!

Remember them?

It’s not public right now – anyone who turns up has likely signed up or is making their mind up

Let’s make sure the places is tidy enough, and as welcoming as ever

Someone get the kettle on!

(Dermot Jones) #1157

(Dermot Jones) #1158

We also need some signs…

(Tom Lynch) #1159

From the sounds of it this needs a new name, rather than open evening its more like a new members evening?

(Dermot Jones) #1160

It’s a mix – some people understandably want to see the Space before signing up

Was nice today have guests again!